Top 8 Sites Like 4Chan [2019]

4chan is the site which will show your creativity to the world since 2003 and as similar there are many Sites Like 4Chan do the same work. Here, for use this site you don’t have to create an account or do any registration for posting any image. The concept of this “Sites Like 4Chan”is to allow people show their creativity.

This website has a more popularity all around the world and also there are many Sites Like 4Chan. Moreover, you can click any picture and post on this site and people gives likes and comments on that image. 4chan has many images on different categories such as animation, nature, food, places images and much more. So, here below we will suggest you a some other Sites Like 4Chanand you loved it.

Top 8 Sites Like 4Chan [2019]

1#. 420chan

On this platform you can post anything either story, video or image. However, this site is earned a lot of popularity across the world. You don’t have to need any type of registration to post any image on this site. This site offers you a different type of content such as animal, nature, food, places, lifestyle, fashion and many others. So, this type of things makes this site one of the favourite alternative of Sites Like 4Chan.

2#. 8chan

This is another similar Sites Like 4Chan which you would surely love to visit. As Similar 4Chan here no registration required on this site. 4Chan is very interesting where you can post the images, video or stories of your favourite subjects.

3#. ImageChan

ImageChan is a site for posting various images. Here, you can click any random image and post it on this site then can share it with many users as similar “Sites Like 4Chan”. however. You can use this site very easily because it has easy to use interface and search bar option for search any image.

4#. 99chan

Undoubtedly one of the most popular image sharing website has a user friendly interface in different categories and subject. It has amazing image board where you can post your images in different categories such as lifestyle, food, cartoon, nature and lots more. This is one of the coolest Sites Like 4Chan, especially for image lovers.

5#. Pixoto

Similar to the 4Chan, it provides you with a lot of categories where you can post your images and show creativity in the world. Pixoto running a photography contest in which you can post the images to take part in the competition. Then the audience votes on your images and gives you prize money for winners. This is the best Sites Like 4Chanalternative for you.

6#. Digg

This is a news website also similar to theSites Like 4Chan”. You can get the news from different categories such as politics, geography, sports and much more. Moreover, has many video clips and images and also contains many funny videos from different countries of the world.

7#. ZeroChan

ZeroChan is an excellent site similar to the Sites Like 4Chan which offers you the same categories and interface option as 4Chan. This website contains a manga series and anime also you will find options like books, games, nature and stories. However, you have to do registration first to visit this site.

8#. Reddit

This is also one of the popular Sites Like 4Chan for sharing information on different subjects. One of the best thing about this site is you don’t need to create an account. Here, you can share the images with your friends on social media.

Final words

You can try anyone of the above sites for posting images, video clips, stories and much more. Moreover, These Sites Like 4Chan are completely free to use. If we have forgotten any of the similar Sites Like 4Chanthen you can tell us in the comment section below.

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